We believe that ordering sleeping pills online should be as simple and painless as possible, which is why we’ve put together this simple guide that answers all of the most frequently asked questions about the delivery of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines ordered online through our website.

1. What Kind of Packaging Will My Order Have?

To secure our customers’ privacy, we package all orders in plain brown envelopes that contain no information about the medicines inside or the customer’s identity.

2. How Long Does It Take You to Deliver the Medicines on Average?

The time it takes for your order to arrive is determined by where you live. We deliver all over the UK the following day. It implies that your order will be delivered within 24 hours on weekends (Saturday-Sunday). We don’t ship on these days, so if you order on Saturday or Sunday, your package will be shipped on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. Even, if you buy by 1 p.m., the order will be sent the following day. Please notice that due to import limitations, the sleeping pills shop will be unable to export to certain countries. If a customer places an order from one of these countries, the company can notify them by email or phone.

3. The Scheduled Shipment Date Has Passed and I Haven’t Received My Order, What Should I Do?

Although sleeping pills shop makes every effort to ensure that orders placed by our customers are shipped as soon as possible, delays can occur for a variety of reasons, including late delivery from suppliers, delays caused by public holidays, and delays caused by postal system issues. Furthermore, incorrect shipping information given by the customer may result in delays or the loss of products. Please be aware that we cannot be held liable for any delays caused by inaccurate information being sent, so please double-check that the information you provide at the time of order placement is right and complete.

5. What Do I Do If My Order Has Been Lost or Delayed for A Long Time?

If an order is not delivered within 28 days of being placed, it is considered lost. Unforeseen circumstances, on the other hand, may cause significant delays; as a result, we will not begin an investigation into a pending order until a fair period has passed. If a customer has not received their order, they must contact our customer service representatives. If the customer does not follow the above-mentioned protocol properly, we will be unable to process a refund request.

Find Out More

You can contact us if you have any questions about our delivery process. You may also want to take a look at our FAQs and Terms and Conditions pages to learn more about our entire order shipping process.