Refund & Return Policy
Our aim is to guarantee complete customer loyalty, and we are thus able to support consumers who are not happy with their purchases. This strategy provides information about how to get back the drugs you have bought online from our shop and get refunds. We will manage your refund or return case in compliance with the terms and conditions set out in this Return Policy.

Return Policy

The law forbids us from taking refunds of sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs, or pain relievers that meet quality requirements and have been accurately filled and delivered by the company in response to an online order made by the consumer. If you wish to refund your medicines because your doctor has changed your treatment plan based on your medical condition or for any other reason, please note that We cannot accept refunds of medicines that have been shipped by the company. We advise you to obey your doctor’s advice, but we cannot give you a refund for a shipment that has left our storage facility, so you must contact your doctor before ordering. If you would like to return your package because you found it damaged, or if you have any concerns or queries about returning the medicines you purchased online, please contact our Customer Care department on our Contact Us page. We do not acknowledge accusations about various products or quality after a time of use. Before you place an order, double-check the brand. However, we can only tell you which brands are in stock and not what you’ll receive. Because our brand changes with each new shipment, the product may differ when you receive it, but we guarantee quality. If your case isn’t listed here, please contact us so we can look into it and provide you with the best possible assistance.

Sleeping Pills Refund Policy

You cannot return medicines that have left our storage facility, as previously mentioned. However, although we respect customer rights, we are unable to restock drugs that you have already used unless you are demanding a refund because they were defective or faulty, or you did not find them to be of acceptable quality. If your offer refund is approved, Sleepingpills shop reserves the right to reduce the amount you are entitled to. The amount that we can reduce is determined by the product’s value. Please be aware that your data will be used in compliance with the terms and conditions set out.